Tuesday, 17 February 2009

For a few years now I noticed that no one else seems to share my birthday. Alot of people have birthdays near mine, and I mean ALOT of people. But no one has my actualy birthday. So the other day in a desperate attempt to not do any more uni work i decided that I would look it up on the internet, and as usual my internet browsing led me to wikipedia, where you can look up any day you like, even ones that don't exist like February the 31st. Anyway of the famous people born on my birthday there was just one name that I recognised. I would never have know who he was had my best friends Dad not been into astronomy. Anyway, that name was Sir Patrick Moore. So then, for the sake of completeness, I looked him up too. I knew he was into astronomy (like I said before) but i then came across his TV show - The Sky at Night - which i think I will start watching. I also read a bit about his life. Apprantly, and this could be wrong becasue *shock* wikipedia is often wrong, he was once engaged to marry a nurse during WWII. And then one day a bomb dropped on the ambulance she was in and she died. And he never ever married anyone else. How sad and tragic and romantic all at the same time. It made me really glad that I have Oli. And I think most people need to realise how special it is to have someone you love, and who loves you in your life. We all take it for granted that they will always be there, and I think its something that deserves a bit more appreciation. From us all.
So on Valentines Day I tried really hard to tell Oli this, but I don't think I did too good a job of it, so I am telling him now. I love him, and I would rather have five minutes with him than fifty years with anyone else, he is the most special, caring, amazing guy I have ever met, and I don't want to share my life with anyone else but him. And yes thats soppy and romantic, and cringe worthy of me to say so but thats how I feel and I don't care what any one else thinks. His dreams are my dreams and (I hope) vice versa.

So Oli, always remember, I Love You.Justify Full
Silly Little Blonde

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