Thursday, 5 March 2009

So yesterday was my twentieth birthday, which I am aware for my many 20-something friends was a birthday that they dreaded. Your no longer a teenage and of course its a mere 20 years to forty. But actually so far I am rather loving being 20. My main problem with being a teenager was that people are always discrediting your ideas and opinions on the basis that you are "just a teenager", and so being 20 really nails the final nail in the coffin for that argument. And also for much of my teens I really wasn't too happy. I feel for bad bad men, I was desperately unhappy with what I saw in the mirror, I had all this plans which I had no way of even getting started and most of my freedom was wrapped up in relying on other people; which I took no pleasure in what-so-ever. Now don't get me wrong my parents are and will always be amazing people who have done everything that they could for me, and nearly everything I have ever asked them too, but still during my teenage years I didn't like relying on other people.

But now, here I am at 20 years old, the beginning of what I have read, are my freedom years. And i really am looking forward to them and plan to grasp every opportunity with both hands. I have a wonderful, loving, caring, giving, sharing, drop dead gorgeous boyfriend who makes me go weak at the knees; and on top of all of that is my best friend and confidante and partner in crime, and without whom none of my future and past adventures would be worth a damn. I
have my car, little Suzy Kee, I have my friends and my parents and sister (who I also consider to be one of my best friends), and my nephew (17 days to go). So I have began this decade whole heartedly happy with my life, and I plan to see it out that way. Because this decade I am going to really live, see the world and hopefully change it just a little bit. And I am starting that change with my world. From today I am going to be as happy as I can with myself, and start loving myself.

Because Oli does, and most things he does are really a very good idea. So there, that's where I am starting.

Silly Little Blonde

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