Sunday, 8 February 2009

Right here goes... my very first blog. I will probably become well a truly addicted to this in due course, but at the moment, I am rather at a loss for words. My boyfriend decided to make a blog, so i thought i would follow suit, although I am not sure what either of us really has to write about. But it may prove a useful tool in time, as come September 300 miles will separate us. I have spent the past 20 minutes or so making a list of books that I love, and I am sure more lists will follow. I was going to stop at 25 books, but I got a bit carried away, and thats not even all of them. I only stopped because I was being pestered by Oli so he could subscribe to my blog, which of course, means I have to write something.

So there we have it, i wrote something. Good for me.

Silly Little Blonde

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