Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Funny creatures, people. We are so quick to judge other people, and yet when we are judged ourselves we don't like it. Similarly we pass comment on so many things that we don't really understand, but take such offense when people comment on us, and our beliefs or behaviours. It such a big divide amongst people, we even judge our friends and their beliefs and behaviours. And I'm not sure I am okay with that to be quite honest. So what if some people believe in heaven and hell, and some in reincarnation. And so what if some people like drinking and dancing and some people like reading and bubble baths. We don't all need a label, a person to "be". "Christian" or "Pagan", "Party Animal" or "Book Worm". We are all people. Those difference don't make us better or worse people, they make us interesting and they make us who we are. Why can't we just love that in our friends, and the people around us. Why does that have to split us into different communities. We can learn something for every person, not matter how different from us they may be - and whatever that lesson is, it's worth learning.
I have many different friends, all different and all wonderful. I have met them in many different places, at different ages and stages through my life, and they all reflect that. And from them all I have learnt something.
  • Everyone, and everything deserves respect. Whether that's the person sat next to you on the bus, the lost dog at the side of the road, or the trees in the forest.
  • Life is for living and you only get one chance. Enjoy it and don't let it slip away.
  • We are all more than a dress size and a fashion statement. Look beyond that.
  • Money is worth nothing if you don't use it for the things you love.
  • If a task is that important someone else will always do it if you can't, or if you run out of time.
  • Family is not a static thing, its not just your parents and your children, its whoever you want it to be.
  • People like to share their knowledge. Ask questions. The more you know the more you realise you have left to learn.
  • You can learn the most from the person who is the least like yourself.
These are my life lessons so far. The things that the people I have met have taught me. But there is one more.

Love yourself. Because if you don't why would anyone else?

Silly Little Blonde

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  1. morals of a person with an amazing personality x x x x x