Thursday, 12 February 2009

Wouldn't it be great if we could all apparate? We could all tumble out of bed, get dressed and then just appear at where ever it was that we needed to be? It would do the world alot of good. Driving would only be for those who really loved it, as a hobby more than anything. That way the roads would stay in better condition for longer, and there would be less traffic, there by preventing traffic jams from happening at all. Similarly people would have no need to ever be late, as they wouldn't miss buses or trains, or get stuck in the previously mentions traffic queues. It would be alot cheaper, not tax or insurance unless you really loved driving, and there would be alot less accidents. Parents wouldn't have to take there children places, they could just go by themselves, and we would all have that little bit more time for whatever we want. Whether that's sleeping, spending time with friends, squeezing in an extra hours over time or shopping. It would be amazing. And yes I have been reading Harry Potter, and yes I have done a considerable amount of driving today. Most for someone who is ungrateful to the fact that I am, in fact, trying to graduate from Uni with a half decent degree. And therefore driving about isn't very helpful when I want to finish my essay.
The only benefit to driving is the freedom.

As my dad says; the world is your cockle!

Silly Little Blonde

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  1. would there be magical barriers because surely there would be problems with shop lifters and thieves.